Shannon & Chris

-A beautiful young couple who met in Uptown Waterloo, joined me for an evening walk there for their engagement session. Set to be married in September 2016 this bride to be is on point! with her planning, I’m impressed! Shannon & Chris, your wedding is going to be amazing!

Simone & Steve

-A couple from Toronto who live on Sudbury st.  hired me, a photographer from Kitchener to shoot their wedding in Kincardine. I love it! June can’t come soon enough. It is going to be not only beautiful but a lot of fun too I think!  

Tom & Helena

. Two families so full of love and talent got together on August 29th to celebrate the Marriage of Tom & Helena, I feel truly joyful for being a part of their day. The ceremony and reception were hosted on the gorgeous grounds of a family friends home by  2 delightful folks that know how …