Many Leaves Photography by Morgan Houston. Yes, it’s completely “Epic” right? this is true, I heard it in that movie first and it stuck with me, many leaves, one tree. Simple, but it sits true inside us all, that need to feel and be connected to each other. It’s what keeps families strong, it’s what best friends are made of, what unites neighbours together…and it’s the vision I have for the future of my photography career. Another change is using additional photographers when needed to better serve larger groups and weddings! My hope is to grow with you all, as your babies turn into young ladies and gents, and your high school sweet heart becomes your husband, whatever direction your “tree” may be growing we hope to be there to capture your memories and smiles, triumphs and joys along the way and maybe, just maybe become a leaf on your tree, as you all have become on ours.

Email- manyleavesphoto@gmail.com



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